Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission download links.


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    Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission download links.

    Post  Admin on Wed May 06, 2009 1:46 am

    Mangaupdates link: CLICK HERE.

    Trouble always seems to follow the beautiful and sassy, Kaname Chidori. Though she is only a high-school student, Kaname is constantly the target of terrorism. Lucky for her though, the dreamy Sosuke, an undercover agent from Mithril, is one step behind her, ready to protect her at any cost. But will he be able to save her from harm every time she is in trouble?

    Basically, it's a retanking of some chapters from Full Metal Panic!. Also there's an extra story not presented anywhere in each volume of this series. Let me say this clearly we are not going to do the chapters. I'm putting up only the specials, extra pages and omakes. The extra info for characters, we are not going to translate.
    I posted a little below how the chapters are tanked. The column on the left represents the chapters from Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission, and the column on the right represents the chapters' numbers in the original work Full Metal Panic! The extras have covers included.
    If you want to download, you'll have to be logged in. If you find any links that are down, please let us know, so we can upload them back again. Also I was told that you have to post 1 time to be able to download, not sure if it's true.

    Mediafire folder for Ascension releases:

    Volume 01
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c001
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c002
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c033
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c038
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c031
    Special - Scanlated by Ascension & Arienai!:
    4koma - Scanlated by Ascension & Arienai!:
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

    Volume 02
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c005
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c006
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c007
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c008
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c009
    FMP!CM c006 - FMP! c010
    FMP!CM c007 - FMP! c011
    FMP!CM c008 - FMP! c012
    FMP!CM c009 - FMP! c013
    FMP!CM c010 - FMP! c014
    Special - Scanlated by Japanzai:
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

    Volume 03
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c016
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c017
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c018
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c032
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c034
    FMP!CM c006 - FMP! c035
    FMP!CM c007 - FMP! c039
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

    Volume 04
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c003
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c020
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c036
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c040
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c041
    FMP!CM c006 - FMP! c042
    Special - Scanlated by Japanzai:
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

    Volume 05
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c004
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c015
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c019
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c021
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c022
    FMP!CM c006 - FMP! c043
    FMP!CM c007 - FMP! c044
    Omake - Scanlated by :
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

    Volume 06
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c023
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c024
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c025
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c026
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c027
    FMP!CM c006 - FMP! c028
    FMP!CM c007 - FMP! c029
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

    Volume 07
    FMP!CM c001 - FMP! c046
    FMP!CM c002 - FMP! c047
    FMP!CM c003 - FMP! c048
    FMP!CM c004 - FMP! c049
    FMP!CM c005 - FMP! c050
    FMP!CM c006 - FMP! c051
    FMP!CM c007 - FMP! c052
    FMP!CM c008 - FMP! c053
    FMP!CM c009 - FMP! c054
    FMP!CM c010 - FMP! c055
    FMP!CM c011 - FMP! c056
    FMP!CM c012 - FMP! c057
    FMP!CM c013 - FMP! c058
    Omake - Scanlated by :
    Extra - Scanlated by Ascension:

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    Post  Mermoon on Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:20 pm

    Hi! It's wonderfull story! Thanks! Do you plan to translate other chapters?

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:24 pm

    Yes i do. i'm waiting on translations for v3 extra an the special from volume 4. The thing is i can't find raws for volume 2,5,6 and 7. So the only volumes i'm gonna do is v1,3,4 and volume 3 doesn't have a special.... it has some extra information that's all. So if anybody outhere has raws for those volumes, please scan them and send them to me and i'll release the specials for those volumes aswell Smile.

    Edit: I found volume 2. yay~~.... anyway i still need raws for volumes 5,6 and 7. Smile Gonna work on this project as soon as i find another group interested in this project... i need to find another one because... the old joint dropped due to their tler going mia. Sad anyway... i'll do this project... as soon as i can. Smile

    you're great !

    Post  o-star on Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:14 am

    first thank you for your excellent work !! i'm also searching for the volumes you said! if i find them i'll send them to you!

    i'm a mod of an italian fan site about full metal panic, called fullmetalpanichouse, if you want came and take a look Wink

    thank you !


    Post  Necro on Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:12 am

    i found volume 5.... in the meantime... I only need v6-7 now.
    mitico giorgio

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    Post  mitico giorgio on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:02 pm

    why I'cant see the links???

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    Re: Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission download links.

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